Money Destruction

All about beautiful girls destroying, crushing and wasting money

Money Destruction

There are so many ways for beautiful women to destroy our hard earned money – just a few on this page, feel free to email me your creative ideas to add here!

All images/videos on this page were produced for me by the gorgeous Madame Marissa! Contact her for your own money destruction clip or find some she produced on her site

Money Crushing

It’s just a wonderful excitement seeing a beautiful woman walk all over your hard earned cash. Will it survive? Will it be crushed? She obviously doesn’t care! Another great way to get your money definitely crushed is to put it under a shoe’s sole with double-sided tape – each step of your mistress will slowly destroy it more!

Money Flushing

Watch as your domme drops your beloved money in a toilet – and feel your heart rate rise as her hand moves towards the flush button … then only seconds later it’s ultimately gone forever! In my opinion it’s even hotter when the girl uses your money as toilet paper – it doesn’t get more disrespectful than this!

Money Burning

“To destroy something forever, you have to burn it” – burning money is just a fantastic way to get your money destroyed for good! Also, it looks plain sexy, doesn’t it?!

Money Ripping

Can you feel the extreme tension as your mistress holds the cash in front of your eyes?! Giving you a deadly smile as she starts to tear it into pieces – smiling as she watches you suffering!

Money Eating

The ultimate sacrifice to your goddess – watching as she eats your cash – knowing it will be swallowed and digested by her hot body – only to be completely consumed and then shit out …

Money Shredding

Even more cruel than destroying the money directly – letting a machine shred it into hundreds of pieces! A good file shredder could destroy your monthly salary in seconds!